Whatsapp Down: WhatsApp server down, users are facing difficulty in sending messages.

Whatsapp Down: Whatsapp server is down during festivals. Since half an hour the messages are not going so people are in trouble. While people are using Twitter, Facebook and other social media as an alternative to Whatsapp, different types of tweets have been seen in Twitter.

The server of social media messaging platform WhatsApp is down. In India, users are facing many problems in sending messages through WhatsApp. Users are trolling #WhatsAppdown on Twitter, because of WhatsAppdown, people are crowding on Twitter.

  • Treatment down in some countries of the world 
  • Treatment down from last 1 hour
  • Work is going on on the server, WhatsApp will start again shortly

Whatsapp Down

So far more than 11 thousand users have complained about the shutdown of WhatsApp service on social media. Independent tracking portal ‘DownDetector’ has also confirmed the disruption of WhatsApp services. The server of social media platform WhatsApp is down. Users in India are facing many problems while sending messages through WhatsApp.

The spokesperson of Meta Company has released a statement regarding the shutdown of WhatsApp. He said that we are aware that some people are having problems sending messages and we are working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as soon as possible. Let us tell you that recently WhatsApp officially announced that from October 25 WhatsApp will stop its support in many smartphones. Big companies like Apple are also involved in this phone. After this, this down is being seen on WhatsApp


Many types of memes are being shared on Twitter


Status is also not uploading

Although users can see the shared status of WhatsApp status before 12.30 pm, currently millions of users are facing problems from posting new status to sending messages. Also, users cannot delete statuses that have already been posted. This decline is being observed across the country. Major cities Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow are experiencing the most problems, according to Downdetector.

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