Viral video: Injured woman gets plastic surgery done in the middle of the road, people are shocked to see the scene

In the name of creativity in TV serials, makers make anything. Sometimes in the name of creativity in daily soaps it is shown that the viewers also grab their heads. Some time ago, in a Hindi serial, the hero-heroine was shown hanging on a kite. Now again a video of a TV show has gone viral. Plastic surgery is performed in the middle of the road in this clip.

Media users made fun

of this clip which went viral in So.Media. This clip is from the Tamil serial ‘Roja’. This serial started in 2018. A clip of this serial is viral. The story of this serial is that Roja (Priyanka Nalkari, lead actress of the serial) grows up in an orphanage. He faces many difficulties in life. She has met her father many times, but she does not realize that this is her father.

A viral clip of plastic surgery done in

the middle of the road shows an injured woman being taken out of an ambulance and laid down in the middle of the road. Five-six people stand around that woman. Then a lady doctor comes with a plastic seal in her hand. He fits this seal on the face of a woman who is lying in the middle of the road. After watching this video, users are questioning that how can plastic surgery be done and a woman’s face changed by wearing a seal like this?

The woman who is injured in the viral clip is Roja, the lead actress of the serial. Enemies have shot him. Enemies think that the heroine is dead, so her face is changed with plastic surgery in the middle of the road. Many users said that this is the medical treatment of the future. Counting heals. Some users commented that even Maggi is not made in such a time.

Sometimes the dupatta got caught in the fan and sometimes Mona Lisa was worshiped

This is not the first time this has happened in Indian television. This is not the first serial in an Indian TV show in which such a scene has been shown. Earlier in serials like ‘Sasural Simar Ka’, ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’, ‘Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka’, science was shown doing stunts without logic. In April this year, a clip from the Bengali TV show ‘Gauri Ilo’ went viral. In the clip, a woman worships a painting of the Mona Lisa, wearing a garland of flowers and joining hands with an incense burner.

In ‘Ishq Ki Dastan Nagamani’ the heroine jumps off the roof to save the hero and then both hang on a big kite. The villain lets go of the kite, as the hero-heroine walks away.

Sangita Ghosh and Ronit Roy are in lead roles in the TV serial ‘Swarna Ghar’. In one of the scenes of this serial, Sangeeta Ghosh’s dupatta gets caught in the fan and strangles her. Although the dupatta comes off easily from the other side, no one can remove the dupatta. Sangeeta can’t even breathe. In the end, Ajay Chaudhary tore the dupatta while playing the role of Ajith in the serial.