Incometax for employees 2022 23

Calculate income tax, TDS, and export forms as an Excel file [Gujarati] 2022 23

This app provides forms and an income tax calculator to Gujarat government employees. It’s very simple to use. All information about tax laws and how to use the app functions will be provided to users. Enter figures for salaries, incomes, and deductible amounts. The app displays all calculations. Export forms are available in three formats: Gujarati, Form – 16 or Salary Statement as Excel.

The department provides assistance to marginal and small tax payers by providing Tax Return Preparer support at very low cost. This module is self-driven and uses cloud/Mobile App technology to connect taxpayers and TRPs online. This tool allows taxpayers to register on the website to locate the closest TRP (via Google Maps) and file their Income Tax returns.

Tax payers are provided with various tax calculations that can be used to calculate taxes and file the Income Tax Return (ITR). The following tax tools can be used to accomplish this. They provide the required output for ITR based on inputs/information provided by the user. Below is a list of all available Tax Tools.

Indian/Outside India Medical Facility

TaxBuddy Services

GST Filing

  • Registration of GST
  • Tax Expert Assistance for GST Return Filing
  • GST Compliance & Advisory

Income Tax Filing

  • Filing Income Tax Returns for all Constitution
  • CA Assisted Filing
  • Free Tax planning, Notice Compliance, and Accidental Insurance

Tax Notices

  • Upload The Tax Notice
  • We will assist you to prepare & file response

Tax Planning

  • AI-based Tax Planning Application
  • Guaranteed Tax Saving
  • Simple interface

Other Tax Compliances

  • TDS, TCS, ROC, etc Filing
  • Business Set-ups
  • Statutory compliances
  • Accounting and Reporting

Download Income Tax 2022-23 Automatic Excel File : Click Here