Rishi Sunak of Indian origin decided to become the Prime Minister of Britain, got the support of so many MPs, announcement will be made in a few minutes

The new PM can be announced in Britain by 6.30 pm according to Indian time.

  • Rishi Sunak can become the Prime Minister of Britain
  • 155 MPs support Rishi Sunak
  • A direct clash between Rishi Sunak and Penny

Rishi Sunke is considered to be the new PM of Britain. Monday evening 6:30 pm clear result will come. After the resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss, the names of Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson and Penny Mordon came up. After Johnson pulled out of the race on Sunday, it is now only Rishi Sunak and Penny in the running.

Sunak victory is considered certain

There are 357 MPs of the Conservative Party in the Parliament of Britain. Today the MPs will vote online and decide the leader of the party and the Prime Minister. According to the new election rules, the support of more than 100 MPs is required to become the Prime Minister. According to a BBC report, 155 MPs are supporting Sunak. On the other hand, Mordaunt has got the support of only 25 MPs. According to information, the new Prime Minister of Britain will take oath on October 28. After this, the new cabinet will be formed on October 29.

What Boris Johnson

said Before withdrawing his name from the race for Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said he had the support of 60 MLAs. Boris adamantly said that if the party is not organized in parliament, the government will not run well. He said. We will support the newly elected PM.

Rishi Manyo thanks

Boris Rishi Sunak said that Boris Johnson has taken important decisions like Brexit and vaccine roll-out. He has helped the country to face the toughest challenges. He said, we will be grateful to them. He has decided not to contest for the post of PM. But I hope he will continue to contribute to the country, he said.

Sunak, Johnson and Penny talks

Sunak and Johnson met on October 22 Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, who was the finance minister in his government, had a late night discussion on October 22 regarding the candidature. After this, Sunak announced to contest the PM election. Johnson also spoke with candidate Penny Mordont. But after they did not agree with each other, he decided to retreat.

Who is Rishi Sunak?

Rishi Sunak’s parents were residents of Punjab. who were settled abroad. And Sunak was born in Hampshire, Britain. Rishi has done his MBA from Stanford University, USA. He studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University. Rishi is also the son-in-law of Indian software company Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy. Before joining politics, Rishi worked at investment bank Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund. After this he also established an investment firm. His mother is a pharmacist and works in the National Health Service. Sunak’s father is a graduate of Oxford University and Stanford University. He became an MP for the first time in 2015. After becoming a minister in local government in 2018, he became the chief secretary of the treasury in 2019.

Liz Truss resigns

British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation on October 20, facing huge pressure. However, he will hold the post until the next Prime Minister is elected. “I could not fulfill the promises I came to power,” the British Prime Minister said at his official residence. Regret it.

Who is Penny

In addition to Sunak in the race for the post of Prime Minister, is the Speaker of the British House of Commons, Penny Mordant. Penny Mordant is considered Sunak’s rival. People believe that Penny may also join Sunak’s group. Penny has also vehemently staked her candidacy as Prime Minister.

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