cVigil App Download

CVIGIL App Download: cVIGIL permits anyone to report Model Code or Expenditure violation. cVIGIL provides time stamped evidence of model code/Expenditure violation, with live photo/video and auto location data. The unique combination of live photo, timestamping and auto location can be relied on by the election machinery to locate the correct spot and take prompt action.

GIS-based dashboards can be used to dispose of unrelated cases and drop them before they are handled. This reduces the burden on election machinery dealing with ghost complaints.

cVigil App Download

There is currently no fast information channel that can be used to track and transmit complaints about MCC violations. The delay in reporting violations of the Model Code of Conduct has often led to the perpetrators being evaded detection by the flying squads of elections commission, which are responsible for ensuring the enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct. In order to establish the authenticity of a complaint ex post facto, it was difficult to find any documented, untampered evidence in the form pictures or videos. A significant portion of the reporting has been incorrect or false, according to the Commission’s experience. This led to wasted time for Field Units.

cVigil App By ECI

The Election Commission of India has launched the cVIGIL app. It is expected to fill all these gaps and provide a fast-track system for complaint receipt and redressal. Vigilant Citizen stands for cVIGIL and highlights the active and responsible role citizens can take in free and fair elections.

Citizens are encouraged to use ECI’s main website to file any other type of complaint or to call the National Contact Centre at 1800111950, or the State Contact Centre at 1950, for all other complaints.

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