BJP Would Have Got 159 Seats Instead Of 156 If There Was No Note Button In EVMs; Read Which Three Seats Nota Won

The last button in the EVM is NOTA. Almost everyone knows the full form of NOTA. Nun of the Above, meaning none of the above candidates. So voters do not vote for candidates. By pressing the NOTA button he casts his vote in such a way that none of these are eligible. I don’t vote for anyone. It is better to go to the polling station and press the NOTA button than not to vote. Assuming that, voters press the NOTA button. Every time NOTA becomes a game changer. This time NOTA prevented three BJP candidates from winning in such a way that the cup of victory was snatched from their lips. It is understood from this that the BJP candidates lost more votes in NOTA than the margin by which they lost. If the voters’ votes had gone to BJP instead of NOTA, it would have won three seats and could have got 159 seats instead of 156.

First let’s know about NOTA

NOTA is a button that allows you to exercise your right to vote even if you don’t want to vote for anyone. NOTA was entered into EVMs for the first time in 2009 in India. Chhattisgarh became the first state to offer NOTA option. Then in 2013, the NOTA button was included in Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and Delhi elections. Then from 2014 it was implemented across the country. So far it has been noted that Bihar has the highest usage of NOTA in the country.

How many NOTA votes were cast in the 2022 election in Gujarat

In 2022, NOTA got 45904 votes across the state as compared to 2017 elections. This time a total of 5 lakh 56 thousand votes went to NOTA, in which the highest number of votes was cast in Ahmedabad district with 49,568 votes while the lowest was cast in Dang district with 1910 votes. Talking about seats, KhedBrahma seat got maximum 7331 votes while NOTA got the least votes 756 in Karanj seat.

NOTA more than the margin of three BJP candidates

If the NOTA votes had gone to the BJP in these seats, all the three BJP candidates would have won. Here, NOTA got more votes than the BJP candidates who lost by a narrow margin. All the three BJP candidates were defeated by a narrow margin. That is, NOTA got more votes than the margin that the defeated candidates of BJP got. If NOTA’s votes had been diverted to BJP, victory would have been easy for BJP.

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